The solo campaign includes several campaign maps divided into different named "chapters" broken up into several map sections.

Campaign Tournament Events Edit

Kabam runs various tourneys around the campaign. Popular events including Campaign High Score, Goblin Kill, and Alliance Boss Kill.

Campaign: The Journey Begins Edit

Chapter: The Necromancer Edit

Purpose: Farm Second City Relics.

Campaign Chests: None

Alliance Bosses: None

Campaign: Goblin Infiltration Edit

Chapter: Clearing the High Pass Edit

Purpose: Farm Armor Scraps I, Gem I-V, Precious Metals I-V; Spawn Alliance Bosses Rank I through V.

Chapter: Avenging Moria Edit

Purpose: Farm Armor Scraps II, Gem VI-X, Precious Metals VI-X; Spawn Alliance Bosses Rank VI through X.

Campaign: Into the Forest Edit

Chapter: Through Mirkwood Edit

Purpose: Farm Amber I-V, Light Metals I-V; Spawn Alliance Bosses Rank I through V.

Campaign: Lonely Mountain Edit

Chapter: Discover Smaug Edit

Purpose: First encounter with Smaug. Farm for gear and Galadriel's Tokens.

Campaign Chests: Erebor Vault Chest, Smaug's Legendary Loot, Smaug's Legendary Plunder

Alliance Bosses: None

Campaign: Lake-town Edit

Chapter: Along the Shore Edit

Purpose: Bard's Gear, Resources; Spawn Lake-town Alliance Bosses I and II.

Campaign Chests: Lake-town Loot I, Lake-town Loot II, Lake-town Loot III, Lake-town Loot IV, Lake-town Loot V, Lake-town Legendary Loot, Lake-town Legendary Vault

More to come...

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