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The City Wall is a city building in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, which protects the player's city and allows the player to build defensive units. 

This increases the protection rating of your city from various threats. The higher level a wall is, the more troops it takes to breach; it has no affect on the defense of troops. The City Wall itself won't stop any attacks, if you don't have any defending forces.

Elf ElvenCityWall01ElvenCityWall02ElvenCityWall03
Dwarf DwarvenCityWall01DwarvenCityWall02DwarvenCityWall03

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Level Pre-requisite Food Wood Stone Ore Time
1 Level 4
Quarry 2
3000 1500 11000 500 15m 0s
2 Level 4
Armory 1
Quarry 2
6000 3000 22000 1000 30m 0s
3 Level 4
Armory 2
Quarry 2
12000 6600 40000 2000 1h
4 Level 4
Armory 3
Quarry 2
24000 12000 88000 4000 2h
5 Level 4
Armory 4
Quarry 2
48000 24000 176000 8000 4h
6 Level 4
Armory 5
Quarry 2
96000 52800 320000 16000 8h
7 Level 4
Armory 6
Quarry 2
192000 96000 704000 32000 16h
8 Level 4
Armory 7
Quarry 2
384000 211200 1280000 64000 1d 8h
9 Level 4
Armory 8
Quarry 2
768000 422400 2560000 128000 2d 16h
10 Level 4
Armory 9
Quarry 2
Hobbit Building Crew 1
1536000 844800 5120000 256000 5d 8h
*1 (11) Level 4
Armory 10
Quarry *2
0 0 0 0 0
  • Not all values may be correct, going by best guess as per pattern over multiple buildings. Will test values and update if incorrect.
  • The times for completion are generic. These are the times that it takes without any research or speed increase features.

Defense TroopsEdit


Your City Wall can be strengthened with defensive units. Unlike other forces, City Wall defensive units cost no food upkeep.

Building up your wall defenses is a way to defend your city, boost your Might fast, and intimidate other players. However, they can be easily taken down as well. Please keep in mind that building too much walls can actually lure attacking players to your city, for they want to increase their Troops Killed. Thus, be cautious of how many walls you build. A wall can kill attacking PortersSupply Carts, and Supply Wagons without any losses of wall defenses.

Wall defenses are not troops, but they do have their own Might Values. Wall Defenses cannot be set to 'Hide' or 'Defend' - they are always active. They can be destroyed by attacking troops.

You can also view your Defense queue from here. This will show you a list of everything you have put in the training queue. You will have an option to cancel the training or Speed Up using Speed Up Items.

Like regular troops, wall defenses are divided into three classes, each having the same strengths and weaknesses as an equivalent class of ground troop:

Attack Life Might Value Strong Against Weak Against
Traps 1 2 18 Foot Mounted
Caltrops 1 2 18 Mounted Ranged
Defense Crossbows 1 2 18 Ranged Foot
Rock Droppers 2 4 24 Foot Mounted
Thorn Hedges/Dragon's Teeth 2 4 24 Mounted Ranged
Defensive Trebuchets 2 4 24 Ranged Foot
Fire Droppers/Boiling Lead 4 8 30 Foot Mounted
Tanglevines/Chain Webs 4 8 30 Mounted Ranged
Mist Globes/Fire Throwers 4 8 30 Ranged Foot

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