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Galadhrim lancer
Galadhrim Lancers
Attack 5
Life 10
Speed 900
Load 20
Upkeep 24
Might 72
Strong vs: Ranged
Weakness vs: Foot
Requirements Level: 23, Population: 24, Barrack: *11, Stables: 10, Siege Weapons: 10, Horse shoes: 10

The Galadhrim Lancers are Tier 4 Mounted Elven Troops in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth.

They are currently not avaliable yet, however some prizes have been rumoured to have Tier 4 Troops. The stats are accurate estimates based on the algorithms in which the previous 3 tiers of troops are created with.

Gold Food Wood Stone Ore Population Mounted Elfs Mounted Hunters Mounted Galadhrim
3000 175 192 175 175 24 1 1 1

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