Heroes can be equipped with a variety of gear, wearing gear improves the attack, health, speed, load of the troops, and number troops for the hero leading an attack or defending your city. When gear was introduced there was not much offered or usable but now there is a variety of gear to be found, won, or bought.

The original gear in Kingdoms of Middle-Earth was the miner set which was not that good but they had to start somewhere and for an initial set it was the base of all other gear that came after.

Some sets of Gear:

  • Miner & Arborist (Depends on Dwarf or Elf) (Trade Armor Scraps I, also from Alliance Boss Chests) (Light grey, scrap)
  • Trader (Trade Armor Scraps II, also from Alliance Boss Chests) (Dark grey, common)
  • Artisan (Drops from Alliance Boss Chests) (Green, uncommon)
  • Havoc (Green, uncommon)
  • Ent (Green, uncommon)
  • Cursed Watcher's (Found at Goblin Caverns) (Green, uncommon)
  • Smaug's Prisoner's (From 4.8m Smaug) (Green, uncommon)
  • Elven Elder (from mithril chests), (Blue, rare)
  • Arcane (From mithril chests), (Blue, rare)
  • Bard's (From Along the Shore campaign chests and campaign alliance bosses) ("Bard's Leather Coat", "Bard's Black Arrow", etc) (Blue, rare)
  • Smaug's Pilfered (From old 720k might Smaug?)
  • Lieutenant's (From alliance boss chests) (Purple, epic)
  • Smaug's Scorched (From new 4.8m might Smaug) (Purple, epic)
  • Mystic King's
  • Void1
  • Necromantic1
  • Replenishing1
  • Named gear, like "Glint", "Mantle of the Unseen", "Shroud"

1. Not Available on all servers. Removed from players who accidentally get it on those servers, too. (Such as 167+ as of 8 Jan 2015.)

There is also legendary gear which is based on items, or weapons of certain characters and usually will give a bonus for the hero they belong to.

Legedary Gear: Gadalf's Staff, Gandalf's Coat, Radagast's Staff, Oakenshield, Orcrist, Sting, Tauriel's Bow, Smaug's Tooth, Smaug's Claw, Smaug's Scale, Beorn's War Axe

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