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Gold is an important resource in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth.

Population increase the gold production of the city, it is a combination of available work through resource buildings and how much housing you have available.

Gold is collected through taxes, purchased with Mithril, found in Chests, found as items in Goblin Caverns, found from Campaign map bosses, or captured during battle from players and goblins.

Gold is the single resource in the game that neither Supply Wagons nor Supply Carts can plunder when attacking other players, wilds, or Goblin Camps. To plunder gold, you must breach the defender's walls. This can be achieved by sending offensive troops to destroy all wall defenses. Simply sending only Supply Carts or Supply Wagons will not return with Gold.

Gold is the only resource in the game which cannot be protected by a regular city Vault. However, it can be protected by the Lake-town Vault.

Gold is required for a variety of in-game activities including Research, training Tier 4 Troops, training Tactical Troops in Lake-town, and paying salaries to Heroes assigned to roles at the Great Hall.

Tax rates can be adjusted at the City Keep.

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