The Great Hall is a building in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. It is used to recruit and assign special Heroes to specialist roles which help your city grow. Gold is required for paying salaries to Heroes assigned to roles at the Great Hall .

Upgrade to appoint more heroes.

Great Hall restricts hero level progression, setting a level cap. Level cap is 20 x Great Hall level. For example, when your Great Hall is level 2 your heroes cannot gain experience (XP) from combat or items further than to level 40. When your Great Hall is level 4 your heroes cannot advance further than level 80. However, maximum level for Heroes is Great Hall level 10, which sets hero level cap to 200.

Elf ElvenGreatHall01ElvenGreatHall02ElvenGreatHall03
Dwarf DwarfGreatHall01DwarfGreatHall02DwarfGreatHall03



Salary Cost
1% per level increase in resource production. 20 Gold/Hr x lvl. of Hero assigned
Training 0.5% per level increase in training speed, attack, and life of defenders. 20 Gold/Hr x lvl. of Hero assigned
Research 0.5% per level increase in Research speed. 20 Gold/Hr x lvl. of Hero assigned
Construction 0.5% per level increase in building and defense training speed. 20 Gold/Hr x lvl. of Hero assigned

Hero Gear and Buffs Edit

Hero Gear and Hero Buffs can be viewed from the Great Hall.

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Level Pre-requisite Food Wood Stone Ore Time
1 -- 400 2750 1200 700 6m 0s
2 -- 800 5500 2400 1400 12m 0s
3 Level 3 1600 11000 4800 2800 24m 0s
4 Level 3 3200 22000 9600 5600 48m 0s
5 Level 3 6400 44000 19200 11200 1h 36m 0s
6 Level 3 12800 88000 38400 22400 3h 12m 0s
7 Level 3 25600 176000 76800 44800 6h 24m 0s
8 Level 3 51200 352000 153600 89600 12h 48m 0s
9 Level 3 102400 704000 307200 179200 1d 1h 36m
10 Level 3
Hobbit Building Crew 1
204800 1408000 614400 358400 2d 3h 12m
  • Not all values may be correct. Going by best guess as per pattern over multiple buildings. Will test values and update if incorrect.
  • The times for completion are generic. These are the times that it takes without any research or speed increase features.

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