Hero skills are a feature added to the Academy in the 12.2 Update from March 2015.

Info from Kabam on Hero skills on the forums.

Library Edit

The Library Tab of the Academy is where you unlock skills using Skill Points. Skill Points come from Knowledge Crystals which, themselves, come from some Alliance Boss chests.

Skill List Edit

Skills are divided into Common, Advance, Rare, and Epic. Each level is more powerful than the last and usually has pre-requisites from the last.

Common Edit

Advance Edit

Rare Edit

Epic Edit

Hero Skill Enrollment Edit

An unlocked skill can be enrolled (aka applied or assigned) on a hero. Daily free enrollments are random, chosen from skills unlocked in the Library. Using an Enrollment Letter is also random, but increases the odds of better skills. Using a Skill Book allows enrolling of a specific skill on a hero.

Each day, 1 or 2 free enrollments may be used in each city on a hero. An empty slot can be chosen, or an existing slot can be replaced.

One a skill is enrolled, other slots may get that same skill. The skill will stack. It's implied that skills listed as Unique in the Library can only be enrolled once per hero.

Free enrollments reset at midnight, Middle Earth Time.

Effects on Legendary Heroes Edit

Most, perhaps all, of the skills have additional bonuses to Legendary heroes based on the Grade (I, II, III, etc) of the legendary hero. These bonuses are generally smaller than the overall bonus by a good margin. For instance, a Grade 5 Legendary hero will get 0.2% extra attack power decrease from Broken Bows. Compare that to the level 1 debuff of 1%. These bonuses stack, just like the skills will stack.

Related Items List Edit

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