Mithril is an in-game currency in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, which can be bought with real money. Business model of the game is called Free-to-play, but as most F2P titles, it includes microtransactions.

All in-game items purchasable with Mithril can also be received as random drop from Galadriel's Gift . Each player gets one free Galadriel's Gift chance per day. 

Buying Mithril with real money only saves player's time but it's costly.

Mithril Prices
Mithril Euros US dollars Mithril/Euros Mithril/US dollars
50 Mithril 2.99 4.99 11,14 10,02
100 Mithril 6.99 Euros 9.99 US dollars 11.12 10.01
240 Mithril 17.99 Euros 19.99 US dollars 13.34


375 Mithril 26.99 Euros 29.99 US dollars 13.89 12.50
665 Mithril 44.99 Euros 49.99 US dollars 14.78 13.30
1600 Mithril 89.99 Euros 99.99 US dollars 17.78 16.00

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