The Muster Field allows the player send attacks, reinforce allies, and transport resources between his cities and his allies in the field.

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  • The "My Troops" tab displays all of your available troops located within your current city.
  • The "Troop Movement" tab displays all of your active marches (Transport, Reassign, Reinforce, Attack) or active locations if encamped somewhere other than your city(ies).

Marching Troops'Edit

When choosing to march troops, you are required to put in the coordinates of where you wish to send the march. You can tap the bookmark icon on the left and you will be given your list of bookmarks to select one from the list. You are also given an option of how you wish to march them. The choices are: Transport, Reinforce, Attack, and Reassign.
  • Transport - When choosing to perform a transport march, you will be asked which troops you would like to perform the transport and what resources (and how many of each) you'd like to send. When a transport march is completed, the troops drop off the resources and head back home. You can only Transport between your own cities, allied cities, and cities that belong to members of alliances with which your alliance's Diplomacy has been set to "Friendly".
  • Reinforce - When choosing to reinforce a target, you will be asked to choose a hero to lead your troops. You will then be asked which troops you would like to send to reinforce the target. After you select your troops, you will be given the option to activate a Combat Rune. Reinforced troops stay where they are sent until they are recalled or defeated. You can only reinforce your own cities, allied cities, and wilds which you or your allies control.
  • Attack - When choosing to attack, you will be asked to choose a hero to lead your troops. You will then be asked which troops you would like to send on the attack. After you select your troops, you will be given the option to activate a Combat Rune. Attacking armies will return once the attack is complete as long as troops are still alive. If attacking a Wild, the troops will reinforce the position until they are recalled.
  • Reassign - When choosing to reassign troops, you will be asked to choose the troops you wish to reassign. You will then be asked if you'd like to also transport resources with the troops to wherever they are going. Troops can only be reassigned between your cities or controlled wilds. You cannot give your troops to someone else.

Upgrade RequirementsEdit

Level Pre-requisite Food Wood Stone Ore Time
1 Level 3 100 660 2000 250 2m 30s
2 Level 3 200 1320 4000 500 5m 0s
3 Level 3 400 2400 8800 1000 10m 0s
4 Level 3 800 4800 17600 2000 20m 0s
5 Level 3 2400 10530 32000 2400 40m 0s
6 Level 3 4800 21060 64000 4800 1h 20m
7 Level 3 9600 42120 128000 9600 2h 40m
8 Level 3 19200 84240 256000 19200 5h 20m
9 Level 3 38400 168480 512000 38400 10h 40m
10 Level 3
Hobbit Building Crew 1
51200 337920 1024000 128000 21h 20m
  • Not all values may be correct, going by best guess as per pattern over multiple buildings. Will test values and update if incorrect.
  • The times for completion are generic. These are the times that it takes without any research or speed increase features.

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