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Porters are Tier 1 Elven Troops  and Dwarven Troops  in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. They are non-combat troops used primarily to return the winnings from battle.

Elven:Victory songs are sweet, but enemy plunder is sweeter still!

Dwarven:The enemy's gold won't carry itself!

While Porters are a good Tier 1 troop to have when first starting the game, they become more and more hindering as you progress farther into Middle-Earth!

Porters have a speed of 600 and can carry 600 of a resource each. They also grant you 1 might per porter trained, but have an upkeep of 2. This means you have a 50% trade value. You are trading 2 food per hour in exchange for 1 might.

Food Wood Stone Ore Population
50 55 50 50 1

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