Regions are merely a seperation of the sections in the Map

Region NameEdit

There are 16 regions in the game:

  • Ettenmoor
  • Rhovanion
  • Misty Mountains
  • Minhiriath
  • Arthedain
  • Ered Mithrin
  • Forochel
  • Enedwaith
  • Rhudaur
  • Emyn Uial 
  • Forlindon
  • Forodwaith
  • Cardolan
  • Ered Luin
  • Arlindon
  • Arnor

Region KeyEdit

Coordinates 1-200 201-400 401-600 601-800
1-200 Ettenmoors Arthedain Rhudaur Cardolan
201-400 Rhovanion Ered Mithrin Emyn Uial Ered Luin
401-600 Misty Mountains Forochel Forlindon Harlindon
601-800 Minhiriath Enedwaith Forodwaith Arnor

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