The starve and plunder strategy is only feasible for those who can play the game for longer than 10 minutes at a time and is used whne you only have one city and your armies upkeep exceeds your food production.

For this strategy to work you have to have one of two things and it's better if you have both.

  • Several players around you that you know you can attack for food
  • Several alliance members with an abundance of food that they can send you

The reason you need several alliance members to borrow from is that everyone has to log off some time so unless the alliance member your borrowing from is a roommate or some one you can call or text whenever you need food you can't really count on just one person.

The way it works is that you purposely run out of food, your troops will not leave, starving them just makes them hungry for battle. Then when you need food, for an upgrade, troops or building you either plunder other cities for it or ask alliance members for it. You will have to wait for the resources to arrive before you can do anything and you must make sure to spend them as soon as you get them otherwise they will slowly widdle away and you won't get to use them to their full potential. 

If you do not like the idea of constantly having to take from other alliance members and feeling like a freeloader you may be able to try this. Find someone to attack with lots of food that you can take. You probably will not be able to use all of it so find a friend in the alliance with two cities and have him hold it for you. That way when you need it back it won't be like your taking it from him/her, they were just holding it for you.

Troop Building Note:Edit

If you try to build the max amount of troops that it says you can build you will often get frustrated when it tells you insufficient food. This is because it takes the amount of food you had when you clicked on the barracks. By the time you tell it what to build that number has already gone down. Always aim 5 to 10 troops below the max to avoid this frustration.

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